Quad – Mobilize Your Group

With the headline “Group Chat College Sized”, Quad is an amazing chat service – as they state on their site “Say goodbye to painful email listservs, and say hello to a new free way for groups and clubs to communicate!” Quad is a service specifically aimed at college students. Quads (as they call it) can be created for anything from study groups to fraternities, sororities, and other clubs. Whatever you use it for, it’ll make it a whole lot easier to communicate among one another – and to make it even better, the service can easily handle groups of 500+ members.

The service is feature-packed, with “voice, text, sticker emojis, photo sharing, location sharing and even creation features” – the app certainly packs a punch!

Quad 1

There are different ways to communicate with one another using Quad. You can use Topics and/or Events to organize conversations more easily (i.e. upcoming parties or study sessions). It’s a great concept and one many students can use. It’s “fun and easy” to set up and use – so go and check them out!

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