Qureet – Twitter Just Got Serious.

Qureet is on a mission, and that mission is for users to “Receive your most relevant tweets from the Twitter timeline in a daily email digest.” No more waffle, searching through automated mentions after following (or unfollowing). Just the stuff that’s relevant to you. Signing up is incredibly simple as well. Just sign in via Twitter, add your email address and start following topics – or let TweetQureet learn them. Then just sit back and let them do the rest. As a result, “Twitter is then monitored 24×7 and your top tweets are emailed to you each day.” Simple!

qureet screenshot

So what was the big driving force behind the creation of this great tool? Andrew, the man behind the service and a programmer turned solo-preneur, says “I wrote Qureet to combat the information overload that is seeping into more and more facets of our online lives. Social networks have undoubted value, but they are addictive and noisy, and can turn into a huge time-sink.” On a mission to bring people closer together, “Qureet uses machine learning techniques under the covers to discover your top interests as they evolve each and every day. It builds a unique webpage each day, listing all the tweets from your followers matching any of your topics. You’ll get a daily email summarizing that day’s activity on Twitter.” How does that bring people together you ask? Well, Qureet works by “connecting each person with the tweets and tweeps they care about the most, rather than spitting out a huge firehose of content and hoping for some hits.” – Relevant and targeted info, we like it!

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