Reperli – Your Personal Address Book

They’re “not a travel guide, a phonebook or a list of reviews, it’s YOUR personal address book!” A clean app interface is important. And the guys at Reperli know this like no other. What does Reperli allow you to do? Their main aim is to help users keep their favorite addresses close by. Specifically, Reperli allows you to “Maintain lists of restaurants, shops, services and more, all in one place.” And all on one clean dashboard, allowing for easy access whenever you’re looking for something! In short, with the app, you can “store and organize all your addresses in just a few clicks: your favorite spots, places to check out, useful info, etc.” The interactive side of the app is also great, allowing you to share your favorite finds with friends and of course discover theirs in the process.

Reperli screenshot

Currently available in the Apple App Store for free, Reperli boasts a solid list of features for those tired of losing addresses they wrote down on a piece of paper just a few minutes ago. Features include the ability to “Seamlessly create lists of addresses by category”, with example categories being the likes of bars, shops or hotels. Addresses are found within seconds via hashtags or general search. Important details like phone numbers and addresses are automatically (and instantly) filled in “by typing the first letters of a place’s name.” You can even add a wishlist of places to visit in the future. We love it, check them out!

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