School Search NG – Ensuring Peace of Mind

We recently came across an amazing initiative based in Nigeria that is on a mission to help parents and students alike find the perfect school for them by reading reviews and ratings created by others. The venture called SchoolSearch, a solution presented by CantQ, run by CEO Wale Iyaniwura, aims to make parents’ lives easier and less stressful and at the same time holding schools accountable for their actions as they are made aware that their actions directly impact their reviews and ratings for everyone to see. Previous students and their parents are able to leave their genuine impressions on the site.

School Search Nigeria

By being completely independent, the company is able to provide accurate and genuine information about educational and vocational institutions based out of Nigeria with reviews coming straight from the source, first hand. With their amazing location based search function, it’s easy to narrow your search to the area you live, ensuring results are relevant to you. The search feature is very easy to use with results split into several categories such as primary schools, secondary schools, high schools, nursery schools, private tuitions and vocational trainings (to name but a few!) The star system is easy to scroll through giving you all the information you need instantly.

Check them out and rest assured that you’ve made the right choice.

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