Scientillion – Helping You Find The Answers

We recently came across a brilliant venture helping scientists do their research more efficiently. Scientillion is on a mission to provide the scientific community with a comprehensive yet simple to use tool that provides, as they state, “great results with maximum clarity.” It’s a search engine that specifically caters to the sciences with the current alpha version focusing on Physics and Computer Science disciplines. Realizing how computers are most often used for doing research (as we know from that big G company), the team at Scientillion were determined to create a niche search engine that not only allowed for standard word searches but even queries that were related to formula search – simply make a formula search via the online formula database and you’ll have your formula in seconds! You can also literally search thousands upon thousands of e-prints of scientific papers from fields ranging from astronomy to biology and mathematics to computer science and physics, to name but a few!

scientillion screenshot

What makes Scientillion stand out from the crowd of search engines out there already is not only because of the fact that it has a beautiful and simple to use interface but the fact that it only renders information that is truly useful to the intended audience. If you’re researching for an important paper, for instance, you can get what you need within just a few clicks, whether it’s a formula or a theory to solidify your stance and arguments. The team even provides interfaces to several of the leading scientific publications such as Check them out!

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