Screenmeter – Assess The Productivity Of Your Team

We recently came across a brilliant venture that ensures productivity is kept at an all time high and that no one gets cheated out of their hard earned cash by making sure that those who get that cash, have truly earned it. Screenmeter is a tool that allows you to record screenshots of employees that work remotely. It is incredibly powerful for making sure that work gets done and to verify that the work that has indeed been done, was done fairly.

Screenmeter screenshot

It boasts a load of great and useful features such as one-click tracking, making it unnecessary to go through a variety of hoops like so many other applications do. Instead, simply login with a single click and you’re good to go! With their desktop app and mobile friendly site, you can access anything from anywhere – including seeing screenshots of the work they have done, and to ensure you stay connected you can receive daily alerts with updated timesheets and reports. All information is securely passed on to Screenmeter’s database and available for viewing in real-time. Never be left doubting whether your employees are actually working or visiting Facebook or playing Candy Crush.

Sounds like an expensive piece of kit, right? That’s what we assumed too but the team at Screenmeter have made it incredibly reasonable. You can track the work of 2 users with up to 12 screenshots per hour with a brilliant reserve of 160 hours worth of screen-capture, for FREE. That’s right! And if you want unlimited users with 12 screenshots per hour, the price is a tiny $0.01 per hour captured. Incredibly affordable yet incredibly powerful. What are you waiting for? Check them out!

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