Shake And Bla – 2 Minutes 1 Chance

We came across Shake And Bla recently and love what it’s all about. In short as they put it, “Shake and Bla (SBLA) is a random communication social app, created by BeFourTec. To use our app and become part of the SBLA community, simply download the free app and register. Registration does not require any personal data, just a user name, password and an email to retrieve your password in case you lose it. That’s all! WELCOME you are now part of the largest communication social app available on the Internet!”

So what can your magical entry pass get you? With your freshly installed app, you can “Make new friends and talk to them any time you want through a direct call. Or, take a chance on randomly meeting somebody new!” And it isn’t like any standard chat program (no, not another FaceTime!) “Shake and Bla starts as an audio chat, but after the first minute you can include video. And over time you can choose to add other features!” Yes, with Shake And Bla you can be sure never to get bored –  “This entertaining app will be a great pastime with its audio/video options, direct calls, your friend list and future add-ons.” 

shake and bla screenshot

So how does it actually work? “When you log in to (SBLA), it will automatically connect you to other users, via a phone call. Here’s the fun part: Each call lasts just TWO minutes. During the first minute, you can communicate only by audio chat. For the second minute, if you wish (and if you have a video plug-in) you can communicate with your video cam. This app is 100% anonymous. Your personal information is not shared with other users unless you decide to share it during the call. It does not matter who you are and you decide what you want to share, whether you’re telling jokes or confessing your deepest secrets. The best part is that nobody will know who you are and no one can judge you! The more you connect to others with SBLA the more points you earn. These points become SBLA credits to be used as direct calls or to buy plug-ins for the app.” – Get the app today and get chatting. You never know who you’ll run into next!

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