Short Guy Central – A Community For Guys Under 5’9

Short Guy Central, formally known as At Eye Level, is a great new platform for those guys who are considered to be of ‘below average’ height. In their own words, “it is the first and largest online community for men below average height.” The site is completely packed with interesting articles, a forum with honest insights of those who are deemed to fall into this category, a reviews section which covers individual items like footwear as well as the best department stores for finding that perfect fit, a gallery featuring photos and images of the target audience, and a shop where you can buy awesome T-Shirts with the site’s branding and slogans (our favourite is “(height) and Proud”)

Shortguycentral screenshot

So, what exactly is seen as being ‘short’? The site acknowledges this term to be subjective, but they classify a man under the height of 5’9 (5 feet 9 inches) to fall into this category. But they elaboarate by stating “Shortness is of course relative depending on the average height of your area. In most Western Countries, under 5’9 would satisfy this description. That said, anyone and everyone is encouraged to participate in this community.”

Whatever the definition, we love the last sentence there. They elaborate on this further by stating “While the site focuses on strategies for the success of short men in all aspects of their lives, all are welcome and encouraged to participate.” We think the fact that the site is open to the public is very beneficial as a lot of the forum topics, for instance, are based around how those who are classified on the site (or who classify themselves) as being ‘short’ are being ‘judged’ by those who do not fall into this category.

It’s an incredibly interesting venture and one for which there is clearly a demand. Be sure to check them out when you get a chance and get participating!

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