Skwag – Love Shoes, Swap Shoes

Have you ever found yourself staring at your overflowing shoe rack, wondering where the next pair will fit? You can’t just throw a pair away to make room (that would be cruel!) but you need some space for the new shoes you need to buy your new outfit and it’s all just ARGHH!!!

Keep Calm and Skwag On!

Skwag, a new iOS app from entrepreneur Oliver Cross, is the perfect solution for your first world shoe problems. Coming soon, Skwag provides an exciting open marketplace for shoe lovers to browse and swap footwear with one another from the comfort of their mobile phone. Let’s be honest, saying goodbye to an old pair of shoes is much easier when you’re exchanging them for new ones. Who knows, maybe that old pair in the back of your wardrobe you never wear any more will be the ticket to the perfect new shoes for you? Best of all, Skwag is completely free. That’s free shoe shopping! swapping!

How Does it Work?

skwag screenshot

Skwag is designed to be simple and elegant, so that anyone can begin sharing and swapping in minutes. Users download the free Skwag app from the iOS store and use it to instantly connect with a marketplace of shoe enthusiasts. From there, swapping shoes is as easy as 1­2­3: 1) Photograph your shoes and create a profile for them. 2) Let others browse them while you browse other peoples shoes 3) Find some shoes you like and, if they like your shoes back, swap them! Users get instant notifications when a mutual liking of shoes is initiated. Skwag calls this a “like2like” connection. The slick app even takes your location and links you to other people in your area, making it easier than ever to swap shoes in person.

Free & No Commitments

Skwag costs nothing and there are absolutely no commitments. We simply link you together when you both like each others shoes. If you want to swap it’s entirely up to you.

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