SpareChair – Let’s Work, Together.

“A community for coworking. A marketplace for workspace.” Who else but SpareChair! They’ve come up with an awesome new service. Working from home? “Working remotely has a lot of benefits, but it also has downsides. Like the feeling of being trapped inside your apartment, or being glued to the internet when you’re meant to be working. And let’s face it, sometimes we just get lonely.” So what does SpareChair offer to fix this? SpareChair lets you connect with interesting people, get a change of scenery and be more productive. And whether you’re at home, in an office or studio, SpareChair is great for hosting coworker sessions, “you can create a beautiful listing on SpareChair, set a reasonable fee for hosting, and invite interesting people to work with you.”

sparechair screenshot

We love the concept and the interface is clean and crisp. A simple search on location, people or workspaces renders a beautifully designed page including a map and the available locations, with photos and prices. Click on a listing and you can read a bit more about the location, the times the location is available, more photos, and much more. One great feature is the reviews system, “SpareChair uses a mutual review system to build trust and transparency into the community. If you cowork here we’ll ask you to submit a review, and, likewise, we’ll ask the host to submit a review of you.” – Everyone can have their say that way and we love it. Check them out!

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