Spora – The Modern Way To Give Online

We recently came across a great venture taking the act of giving online to a whole new level. We’re all familiar with the ‘Donate’ buttons splashed across all kinds of sites from charity sites to podcasts and blogs. The system behind this, however, has not changed in years as the guys at Spora have rightfully noticed. In fact, as they state, “every online giving service looks and feels almost exactly the same as it did 10 years ago.”  A simple button (often displayed in PayPal yellow and blue shades) is still the default button of choice and it has been for over a decade. Click the button and you’re usually redirected to a site like PayPal where you can select the amount to send (either type it in or select from a list of amounts).

spora screenshot

Now, the guys at Spora are aware that this is in essence a functional way of doing things but calling it “sterile” is certainly an accurate description. In fact, despite it looking good across all devices and platforms, it often gets ignored because it seems like your donation ends up in an anonymous bucket somewhere – stuck in cyberspace.

And it’s for this very reason that the team, “all passionate about building a better online giving tool started building” created Spora. After a year of designing, creating, programming, and fine tuning, the team released Spora just a few weeks ago. And the response has been fantastic with users raving about the simplicity of the interface yet complexity of all these great features underneath the hood. No more complicated registration forms like some of the payment sites out there, you can sign up and give within just a few short minutes. But that’s just the beginning! With giving meters incorporated you can actually see what difference your donation really makes – no more “lost in space” donations. Our favorite feature, though, is the social media sharing links which allows for any non-profit to go viral with their campaigns with others easily spreading the word.

Now we all know that online giving sites charge anything from 5%-15% of the total transaction value to process them – fees for transferring and general admin costs quickly diminish the original donation – money hard needed in the first place. Well, Spora charges just 1% per transaction, that’s it! We love the site and we’re sure you will too. Check them out!

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