Spot Trender – Advanced Video Ad Testing For Everyone

We recently came across a great venture by the name of Spot Trender Snap! As a powerful cloud-based platform “for dynamic pre-testing of commercials to help you make faster insight-driven advertising decisions from concept to post-production creative”, the platform enables anyone to experience the exact same professional video testing methodologies and technology that the big Fortune 100 companies use as well – but at a considerably more affordable price point!

How does it work? As Rick Nguyen, Spot Trender’s cofounder stated: “Imagine testing a rough cut, storyboard or final versions of your video and run it on Spot Trender in the morning, then receive results by the end of your work day.”

spot trender screenshot

Apart from being faster (up to 90%) and cheaper (up to 70%) than any of the services that come near to their offerings, Spot Trender Snap is incredibly easy to set-up with the availability of expertly-designed surveys to test your ads – and with the ability to target a huge relevant demographic, connecting you with over 45 million (yes, 45,000,000) qualified participants from around the world.As a result, Spot Trender Snap allows you to “systematically measure real-world customer responses and reactions to your advertising spots, and the subsequent impact on your bottom line with sales and brand awareness performance” said Christopher South, cofounder.

Do in a few hours what used to take over three weeks and do it with the leading Commercial Pre-Testing and Analytics platform trusted by leading brands and agencies from around the world. Get the insights you need to make calculated decisions based on real data, allowing you to “dramatically improve your ad campaign performance before running them.”

So who stands to benefit most from Spot Trender Snap? For starters, those causes who want to test their promotional videos to ensure it convinces viewers to participate via volunteering and donating to the cause. Crowd funding project owners can benefit too by having the ability test their videos to ensure it has the best impact possible, persuading people to help fund the project. Businesses on the whole can test their video production to best position themselves to increase their audience reach and avoid losing footprint by inadvertently offending their audience members.

Check them out and get testing before blowing your budget on less than optimal content and potentially reputation-damaging production! We love the concept.

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