SRK Power Bank – The Best Portable Battery Bank on the Market

In this day and age tech gadgets are always within grasp – whether it be a smartphone, iPod, tablet, or laptop – and whilst this tech has seen major advances over the last few years – new features and functionalities, better cameras, more storage capacity, etc. – these advances have also led to our nifty gadgets to run out of juice quickly. Playing around with apps, listening to your favourite tunes, browsing the net, sending emails, texts and of course good old fashioned phone calls depletes the lifeblood overnight.

SRK screenshot

There is of course a solution to this. Powerbanks have been around for quite some time – with the capacity to charge your device two or three times in one charge. Great invention but usually extremely uncomfortable to carry around. These bulky items pack a lot of power but keeping it on you – such as in your pocket, will see your trousers fall or your jacket making you tilt to one side.

But fret no more! SRK Power Bank is a fantastically sleek, beautifully designed product that really packs a punch! It’s super sleek, has a heavy duty premium aluminium casing, and a capacity of – get this, 1,000 mAh! You can even hook up another device (yes double charge is not a problem!) and have it charging at the same time. This stylish device comes in multiple colors including Gold (our favourite), Blue, Pink, Silver, and Black. The price tag is also extremely reasonable compared to other products on the market (not to mention they are never this slim and durable!) The SRK Power Bank is available on Amazon Here

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