– From Idea To Startup In 3 Simple Steps – From Idea To Startup In 3 Simple Steps

Getting your startup off to the right ‘start’ is incredibly tricky. From the idea discovery stage to actually putting a plan together that has the potential to truly scale and achieve limitless heights requires a lot of planning, hard work, pivoting to find the idea that has established market demand, or finding a way to create that very market with a demand! There are countless books, YouTube videos, forums, audio-books, websites, and seminars out there – some which cost several thousand dollars (if not more!) So imagine how pleased we were to be able to share the site with you.

So what makes stand out? Their tailored and varied approach ensures you learn in an interactive and enjoyable way, getting, as they state, from idea to startup in just 3 steps! So what are these steps you ask? Step 1 – Learn how to think like an entrepreneur! Without the right mental mindset, the chances of your startup flourishing is incredibly limited. Step 2 – Launch your concept! Learn about the lean startup method, find your first customers and learn how to deal with failures (turning them into success fuel!) Then with the’s #JustStart approach (you can’t make it without ACTUALLY TRYING THINGS!) it’s time for Step 3 – Growing and scaling your new business! With the help of affordable Passes (including a FREE Pass!) you can take part in video activities, interactive quizzes, and even join the Startup Academy community and speak with other members! In short, it’s a great way to learn at your own pace – check them out!


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