TalentAds – Taking the Guesswork out of Hiring

TalentAds – Taking the Guesswork out of Hiring

The recruitment industry has become a bit of a minefield. General job boards and niche job boards have been competing for years, attempting to maintain market share by adjusting highly inflated pricing structures (sometimes up to $800 for a single job ad on a known oil and gas job board) coupled with unimaginative posting features such as highlighted job listings and featured job postings at the top of search results.

While these job boards are popping up on a daily basis (it just takes $30 and a WordPress theme at this stage), the value in this way of attracting talent has diminished greatly. Applicants are far more likely to see relevant job ads on social media sites like Facebook, and Twitter and professional networking sites like LinkedIn. Even YouTube targeted advertising via banner and video ads has proven to be far more relevant compared to standard text-based job listings with the boring and often-dreaded ‘Required Qualifications’ job posting section.

Well, that’s where TalentAds have come into the picture. TalentAds is revolutionising the recruitment industry with their automated Programmatic Job Advertising platform. What does this mean? Well, essentially TalentAds is able to get in front of the right candidates at the right time using their advanced targeting capabilities. Difficult to fill vacancies are presented on the platforms relevant candidates trust and use, no longer needing to sway them to an unknown job board or spending hundreds of dollars just to get them on a better known one. Furthermore, with TalentAds, advertising spend goes directly to filling the specific vacancy the post poster has specified, where with traditional job posting platforms, the job poster’s ad is positioned in between hundreds and thousands of other job ads using the same tags like ‘Marketing’ or ‘Customer Service’.

TalentAds allows you to stay in control. Control how much you spend, track everything that’s going on by seeing exactly how each job ad is performing, and easily adjust spend with just a few clicks. Check them out and see how TalentAds can help you not only save on job advertising costs but also attract the right talent at the right place.

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