Top 5 Mobile Business Start-Up Ideas for 2017

Top 5 Mobile Business Start-Up Ideas for 2017

If you would like to start a business venture but hate the idea of being stuck in an office, then a mobile business may be just the thing.

Offering freedom, a mobile business means you can operate from any location and may even present the opportunity to travel. Sound exciting?

Whether you are looking for a career change and want to drive straight in, or are hoping to start a side-project around your current job, here are 7 great business ideas to consider if you want to start your own business in 2017.

On-the-Go Food

While opening a cafe or restaurant can be rewarding and enjoyable, it is not for everyone. If you have a love of food and dream about cooking or baking for a living, then why not forget about renting premises and managing staff, and start a location-free food business? Purchase a generator and consider a gourmet food truck, freelance catering services, or a cake making and decorating business.

Beauty Services

From hair styling and removal, to make-up and nails, beauty services are always in demand. While you could set up a mobile company offering these services, in such a crammed industry, it may be a good idea to find a niche. This could include the likes of working in film and photography as a special effects make-up artist, or setting up a mobile spa party service.

Blogging and Writing

If you already have a job that involves a lot of travel, or have a talent for writing, then consider starting a blog. As people spend more and more time glued to their phones or working from a computer, starting an online blogging venture can be lucrative. Plus, you can write about almost anything, such as travel, parenting, DIY or business advice.

Software Design

Speaking of a digital world, an increase in online users means software experts are in constant demand. Therefore, if you have a talent for writing code, you could start your own freelance software company. Your services could include creating websites that are available on multiple platforms, developing mobile phone apps, or specialise in gaming and virtual reality software.

Pet Services

This is quite a broad area, but pet services have huge potential as far as mobile businesses go. If you love animals and are an experienced handler, you could start a dog walking service or a pet sitting company. Alternatively, you could start a mobile boutique pet grooming business, whereby you get paid to pamper and polish your client’s animals.


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