Travelindicator – Travel Made Easy!

We recently came across a great venture called Travelindicator which is a fantastic travel website run by passionate travelers that lets you seamlessly discover new destinations that match what you’re after! You can filter by location (such as Africa, South America, or Asia) but also by much more innovative filters, like surroundings. Search for locations by forests, mountains, deserts, or lakes to name but a few. Not only that, check out their themes filter, where you can search for that perfect destination matching the type of holiday you’re after. Whether it be adventure, romantic, or family-friendly, with just a single click Travelindicator points you to the right place. Pretty cool right? Well that’s just the beginning!


Travelindicator even lets you filter by combinations of the above! That’s right, hot weather and romantic, or adventure and sports, Travelindicator makes finding the perfect vacation a breeze. With the feature of tags, such as Camping, Rafting, or Honeymoon, the perfect holiday has been pre-tailored for you! The site takes a, as they state, “data-driven approach to discovering travel destinations and puts the would-be traveler firmly in control of discovering those, allowing you to query our extensive database of travel destinations to filter out places based on combinations of up to 23 different travel themes (which are rated from 0 to 100% as voted on by users themselves), their own distance to them, the average weather at a given time of year, indicative travel costs and average hotel prices.” You can even build your own profile and fill it with saved destinations, as well as create your own itinerary. Throw in the ability to vote, send messages and leave reviews of destinations, Travelindicator is a great social tool as well, adding more emotion to the data. We love it, check them out!

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