Business Book: Shoestring Venture : The Startup Bible – There are two kinds of business books
One type likes to pull out the pom-poms, jump about, and do the
“success” cheer. Page after page of “Success! Success! Success!” We call them
cheerleading books.
You know the type. After reading the book, you feel you can take over
the world, but the book ends up moldering in a box somewhere.
“Rah Rah Rah! Harness the power of the Internet and make a fortune
on eBay!”
“Sis boom bah! Money just rolls right in when you use permissions
“1! 2! 3! 4! Purple cows! That’s the way to get attention!”
It is true that these books help people make money. Two people, actually.
The author and the publisher.
Here’s the bad news. Business success takes hard work. All the “success”
books in the world will not and do not make businesses successful. Instead,
it takes knowledge, research, intelligence, good ideas, good decisions,
discipline, adaptability, leadership, organization, and planning.
If you read these cheerleading books carefully, you’ll find precious little
practical advice. Sure, you can make tons of money through permissions
marketing, word-of-mouth, or innovative advertising. But how do you get
from here to there? What do you need to know? What does it cost? Who do
you go to? What kind of decisions do you need to make?
Those practical questions, of course, are for the other kind of business
So we wrote the other kind of business book. This is a book about how to
get from here to there. Every step of the way.
We wrote a book about the real world, not about wish fulfillment.
We wrote about going into business with the resources you have, not the
resources you wish you had. We wrote about the hard work, knowledge, and
decisions you have to make to transform your idea or small business into a
fully-functioning, well-organized venture. We wrote a book about the tasks
and processes that are critical to a business’s success and how to perform
them on a limited budget. We wrote a practical book about all the things you
need to know to make those tasks and processes happen.

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