VIOOA – Seeing The Bigger Picture

We recently came across VIOOA which is truly taking the concept of taking your drone for a spin to a whole new level. As the world’s very first powerful 360° smart camera specifically designed and produced for unmanned vehicles, VIOOA is leading the way in immersive 360° filming capabilities. Having the ability to go way beyond the standard ‘single’ direction camera footage, VIOOA allows you to capture just about anything around you without any lag to your field of vision. Throw in the incredibly detailed Ultra HD resolution and you’ve got one powerful flying beast!

VIOOA screenshot

A pioneer in the industry, VIOOA does not compromise on anything. From its easy to integrate add on capabilities to the 8.5 megapixel strong camera and the “Sense and Avoid/Warn Technology” (yeah, pretty bad ass!) which protects it from suddenly flying into a tree, VIOOA has got you covered. The nifty and useful geo-tagging feature allows you to have all images captured tagged with a precise snap location which can be used to arrange pictures in post production. The device itself is also incredible light and uses very little power so you don’t have to worry about being restricted in any way. Check them out and get your hands on one: you won’t regret it!

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