Virtual PMP – Virtually Effortless Project Management

We recently came across a brilliant Virtual Software Development Project Management Consultancy that manages all of your projects in an incredibly affordable and cost-effective way. Working on a fixed-price basis with zero overhead costs to you, the team works to reduce the most common problems with projects: delays, cost overruns, and ensuring there is a clear structure at all times. No matter the technology or programming language used, the team at Virtual PMP are able to significantly increase the chances that your project, be it a website, an app, custom software or even wearable tech, gets done on time and within budget.

virtual pmp screenshot

OK, so how does it work, you ask? Everything is done in a highly accessible and yet secure fashion, making full use of the cloud’s benefits. Coupled with their agile methodology costs are kept low without compromising on quality. Whether you have a developer or not, the team at Virtual PMP, as they state, “let your developers be developers.” Haven’t got any in-house developers? That’s not a deal-breaker either. In fact, you can tap into their pool of high quality freelancers that have the expertise needed to make your project a flying success. These guys have it all, the knowledge and capabilities needed to provide a great service and at an affordable price. Check them out and be sure to check out the amazing list of technologies they work with too!

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