Want to Get More Followers on Twitter? Then You Need Tweepi

Getting Twitter followers has often been seen as a tedious, boring, and uneventful process. The ‘old’ and ‘outdated’ process of simply going into a competitor account and following a bunch of their followers and hoping for the best (meaning: pray that they follow you back) is just that, old and outdated. And that’s where a nifty tool calls tweepi comes into play! No, they don’t automate the old and outdated process mentioned before. Instead, they not only find relevant followers and influencers for you, they make it incredibly easy to engage with them. No longer is this a one way street with you talking at or simply following them but interact with them in a meaningful way (which in turn means better, more engaged followers and less ‘speedy unfollows’)

tweepi screenshot

But when it comes to ensuring your account is in a good, healthy condition, it’s important to recognise when to shed some of the weight. Cleaning up your Twitter account of inactive accounts cluttering up your “Following” list or irrelevant accounts posting random ads every few minutes and showing up in your feed, can be an incredibly daunting and more so tedious task. And that’s where tweepi’s Twitter unfollow tool does magic! Unfollowing undesirable users has never been as easy as this. Bulk select and remove them with just a single click and stay firmly within Twitter’s guidelines. Didn’t know about those? Twitter has a limit accounts you can follow, both in terms of timeframe and overall number of accounts. Overstep their guideline and you could be in for a nasty surprise – Twitter has been known to completely deactivate accounts without any real warning about the implications of adding too many accounts over a certain period of time.

unfollow tool screenshot

For more information, check out tweepi’s site and get a feel for how useful their service can be for you. With over a million (yes, that 1,000,000) people already trusting tweepi to manage their accounts efficiently and effectively, you’re in good hands!

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