Wet Shave Club – Wet Shaving Goodies Delivered Monthly

We recently came across Wet Shave Club, an awesome startup for the discerning shaver (or their loved ones – who doesn’t like to be pampered?) It couldn’t be easier to signup and start getting your monthly goodies in the post. So what’s it all about? As they state on their site, “Each month you will receive a box of awesome traditional shaving items. Join now, and we’ll make sure you have everything you need to get the best shaves of your life!” And to make it even smoother – “New members get a FREE safety razor and shave brush in their first box!” (Psst….we even saw a 10% off popup when browsing the site!)

So how does it all work? When you join the service, “your first box will contain a classic safety razor and brush along with shaving soaps, and double edge razor blades and more. If anything ever happens to the razor and/or brush, we will replace them for you free of charge for as long as you are a member!” (Great after-support, we like it!) 

Then, every month the guys over at WSC send “on average 2-3oz of soap in 1-4 different scents from a different soap maker each month along with 10 double edge blades from up to 2 brands plus mystery extras.” (Who doesn’t like extras, mystery ones make it all the more exciting). 

Shipping is Free in the US but they do offer international shipping as well and you can cancel at anytime so why not give them a try?

Were you also wondering about why “Wet” Shave Club? 

“Shaving with a safety razor is simply the best way to shave. No more shaving irritation, and the process of shaving becomes relaxing, and fun. A morning ritual you’ll want to do more than once a day. Fantastically smelling, warm lather on your face, and a single blade. Nothing like it. Look good, smell good.”


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