What Is The Role Of A Start-Up Leader?

Articles, seminars, conferences, hubs and incubators – they all speak about the importance of being a leader when you set something new up. And they all speak about the spectrum of aspects that a leader must have to succeed. You may read an article saying you have to keep an eye on the industry so you can fast decisions based on any changes in industry trends or you hear you need to inspire you clients and your employees alike. You are the one that keeps the machine (your start-up) running. It’s all true.

But you can’t be everything at once. You have to learn to become a start-up leader and take your leadership one step further at a time.

There are five leadership qualities you can work on that will influence everything you do:

  • Be visionary
  • Know your industry
  • Lead your start-up
  • Find clients
  • And communicate

Be a visionary and show the path.

You started the company with an idea – you also need to know where you want to take the company and the idea to in five years time. That means taking decisions and showing clients and early adopters, investors and funders, employees and volunteers how you want to get there.

Know your industry: keep an eye on trends

In order to get to your vision and grow your company, you need to keep an eye on industry trends. When articles and products become more popular, how does this affect your product line?

Lead your start-up and create smooth client experiences

Show your employees how to do business by setting an example. Clients appreciate a bit of extra attention and clear communication. Sure, mistakes will be made – acknowledge them and move on. That is how you build a great team.

Find clients and grow the company

Everyone will look at you to find clients and show how to connect with them, make the sale give a great customer experience, and create a positive situation that fosters testimonials. Once a base of early adopters for your product or service is developed, it is easier for employees and others to continue building on that.

Communicate! Invite and inspire

The most important advice I can give is to communicate well, clearly and as often as needed. Celebrate every win, no matter how big or small. Explain hard situations and show how to deal with challenges. When you have to take a step backward instead of forward, take a breath – explain it and show how you will move the company forward.

With these five qualities, you will rock your business!

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