Winkli – Discover Who You’ll Bump Into Next

Launch of the iOS & Android app that allows you to discover who you’ll bump into at your next events.

Winkli allows you to know the profile of the participants of your Facebook events as well as those of the events within your network. With a reciprocal “matching” functionality, the application offers the option for users to get in touch before they ever meet in person.

Paris, November 6, 2014 – More than 6 million invitations* to Facebook events are sent every hour on the social network, creating a huge amount of potential encounters. But how easy is it to discover the profiles of the participants in an event? Winkli creates links between people meant to meet at the same event.

While young people are ever seeking to maximize networking opportunities through geo-location, Winkli facilitates meetings between people of the same social circle, indicating future events where they are likely to meet and presenting the participant profiles of their own Facebook events as well as those within their network.

Winkli screenshot

Do not miss the opportunity for friendly encounters at your upcoming events.

Winkli is a free app allowing you to :

● View personal Facebook events as well as those within your circle of friends. You won’t ever miss the weekend’s main event!

● Discover the participants who attend these events and those with whom you have friends in common.

● Show your interest anonymously to other participants (‘wink’) – making the possibility of contact simple.

● Be matched, if the ‘wink’ is mutual, via instant messaging to chat and plan to meet at the event: No more awkward first introductions.

● Or chat with friends who will be present, in the context of the event.

The app is co-founded by 3 friends, Alexis Dupont, marketer specialized in mobile innovation, along with Vincent Tromeur and Alexis Creuzot, engineers and mobile developers.

Winkli is supported by one of the best French start-up incubators.

“Had I known that this guy knew my best friend Lindsay, it would have been much easier…”
“I saw the perfect girl on Friday night, but I didn’t know how to start a conversation with her …”
“If I had known that 3 of my Facebook friends were at the same concert last Saturday …”
“I would have spoken to them last night, if I had known they were friends with my friends …”
“I only know half the people at this birthday party. Do I have connections with any of these other people? “

We’ve heard many stories like these in the past and to help our friends remedy these issues, we’ve created Winkli.

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