Yardbook – Empowering Landscapers

We recently came across a great venture by the name of Yardbook, dedicated to connecting homeowners with landscapers within just a couple clicks. Powering and empowering over 6,000 businesses in the landscaping industry, these guys are all about helping business owners handle everything in order to manage their business effectively and efficiently.

yardbook screenshot

Managing a landscaping business requires a lot of attention, and it only starts with providing the actual service. What about ensuring your work schedules are up to date and correct, with last minute cancellations and new orders? What about ensuring estimates are sent off correctly and on time to prospective or repeat customers? Same thing goes for invoices, how do you ensure they all get sent off correctly and subsequently paid? Running a business like this is not something doable by yourself alone and getting a team relieves pressure one way but certainly adds pressure in another. What about their schedules? Managing a team can be extremely chaotic with excel files and emails flying all over the place! Well that’s what Yardbook is here to help with!

It’s not hard to see how the team at Yardbook have created the fastest growing software in the space when you see the software suite you get when signing up for FREE. With free leads (yes, FREE!) and an entire business profile complete with Account Management and Estimates, sales are easier than ever – ensuring you’re in front of the right audience right from the start. Running your business on a day to day basis just got a whole lot easier with easy Job Scheduling on the platform, as well as Routing, managing and creating Timesheets, and ensuring all your Equipment is on the up and up condition-wise. Getting transactions completed by providing your very own Pricing Catalog to customers, and managing everything from transactional invoices and payments as well as business expenses (including Chemical Tracking to make sure you never run low) in one central interface is absolutely brilliant. We love the concept and don’t struggle to see how thousands are signing up. Be a part of it all and check them out!

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