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The Things You Need to Equip Your Brand New Car

Cars are expensive investments. Owners, however, do not stop spending once they get the keys to their new cars. There are necessary maintenance works that have to be done regularly to keep the vehicle running smoothly and safely down the road. Some spend more to add more features to their car. If you have a

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Is Direct Mail Marketing Still Relevant?

We’ve talked a big game about digital marketing before, and extolled the virtues of search engine optimization and social media marketing. It’s a digital age, and it follows that both consumer behavior and the marketers trying to get their attention and spending dollars should be online. In this kind of environment, does something as traditional

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Reimagining Commercial Spaces After the COVID-19 Pandemic

Life won’t be the same in many ways as we transition to the “new normal.” One big difference could be the sight of empty retail shops and smaller restaurants and office spaces. After all, the COVID-19 pandemic has forced businesses to run remotely, leaving employees to fulfill their daily duties at home. Will American cities

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Three Secrets to Balancing Multiple Business Ventures

Many people know McDonald’s to be a fast-food giant. But did you know that the business model of McDonald’s is more than just a fast-food chain? In reality, what makes McDonald’s extremely successful is that it is also a real estate business. This means it is both a company with more 38,000 franchise locations and one that

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Businesses in a Pandemic World: Survival is the Name of the Game

COVID-19 sucker-punched us. No one ever saw this coming. Not one person out of the seven billion people on Earth could have predicted that the world would be brought down to its knees by an unseen opponent. Yet, here we are now. Struggling to navigate through this global health crisis as we trek deeper into

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How Can Sports Facilities Increase Revenue

Running a sports facility is very rewarding, but it can also be expensive and time-consuming once you consider things like maintenance, staff costs, and so on. You should know that the bottom line to running a successful facility, or any business for that matter, is earning money. So how can you do just that? No

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