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Pointers Conducting Business in a Foreign Land

Conducting business already requires a lot of preparations and investments before you can turn it into a success. The tasks become more challenging when you have to pursue a venture in a foreign country. Overseas businesses can offer better success and growth, especially if you are targeting a place with rich commercial culture. However, it

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When Will the Recession from the Pandemic End?

The pandemic of 2020 has caused vast amounts of damage to the economy of the U.S. and the world. According to the World Bank, the growth forecasts of all regions have been severely downgraded, with incomes per capita contracting throughout 2020, which could put millions below the poverty line. Closer to home, we’re now at

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Five Tips on Starting an Online Food Business from Your Home Kitchen

If you enjoy cooking or have received countless compliments for your food, a home-based food business may be a good idea. It can help you earn extra money while allowing you to do something you enjoy. Although frosting cakes and bottling your signature homemade strawberry jam may seem more fun than work, a home-based food

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Micro-Influencers Are Making a Huge Impact aid a Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic hasn’t killed influencer marketing. If anything, the situation has compelled brands to rely more on influencer marketing since they still have limited access to professional photographers, gorgeous models, and stunning venues to create content with high production value. But instead of tapping celebrities and social media stars for their influencer marketing, many

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Starting a Business in the Middle of the Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic will undoubtedly go down in history as one of the definitive points of the twenty-first century. Considering both the scale of the pandemic as well as the disruption to virtually every aspect of life, its effects will be felt for years to come. Today, there are now more than 30 million unemployed Americans. 47% of

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The Small Things: What Can Help Your Small Business

The idea of having a one-person business is attractive. You are your boss, and you are not responsible for anyone else. But running a business can still be a major undertaking, despite there being only one employee. Here are some essential items that can help ensure that you can handle all the challenges of running

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