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Business Ideas for Your Large Vacant Land

Having a big estate has its many potentials. Aside from giving you enough space to move around, you can also begin brainstorming ideas on how you can turn it into a profitable business. With enough knowledge on what’s trending in the market nowadays and enough capital, that huge vacant land of yours can transform into

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4 Questions That Need Answers Before Starting a Restaurant

So, you finally made up your mind about starting a restaurant business. You’ve pooled your funds and resources to ensure that you set yourself up for a profitable venture. Preparation is critical for your restaurant, and you’ve accomplished many checkpoints before reaching your decision. However, you might encounter a few unanswered questions that could put

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A Home Business’s Guide to Planning Permissions and Building Regulations

There is an estimate of 15 million small businesses identified as home-based enterprises. With this information, you can say that working from home is a common path that business-minded people take. Although, before everything can be settled, homeowners who aspire to establish a home business will need to meet specific requirements and considerations. State planning

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Doom and Bloom: Organizations Can Use Disasters as Growth Opportunities

The pandemic has reminded us all of our vulnerability to unforeseen, catastrophic events. It’s not just individual human frailty we’re grappling with, though. Organizations and even entire countries have been brought to their knees by Covid-19. Inequality tends to be emphasized during such times of shock and stress. People with greater financial stability also have

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How You Can Ride the Growing E-commerce and Win It

Compared to its Asian neighbors, e-commerce in the Philippines still feels like a baby—but surely, it’s growing. According to the CEO of Zalora Philippines, Paulo Campos III, the industry’s sales could hit $12 billion by 2025. Back in 2015, it earned only $500 billion. In the first half of 2020, the peso value of the

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How Digital Marketing Can Help Businesses Develop

The pandemic compelled many businesses to go online after consumers started shopping online since they were wary about going out. While many businesses already had an online presence, others had to start from scratch in connecting with their customers online. Many of these businesses struggled to build their presence online and had to rely on

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