Rentals Gone Wild – Quit The Stress

“When you hear our name, you’re curious.” That certainly is the case with Rentals Gone Wild, a refreshing new service for those looking for a smooth ride when it comes to renting. The motivation behind the venture? Well, did you know that “Moving has been ranked the 3rd most stressful event in life”?

Searching through tons of rental sites and classified ads, “You find yourself exhausted from individually contacting each community trying to get info specific to your unique needs.” It drags on and on, and as they put it, “You want the answers now, but then there’s the waiting game.” 

rentals gone wild screenshot

You then eventually find a great place. All done and dusted right? Nope – you’re not there yet! “You still need to find movers, boxes, supplies, setup utilities, research the area and so much more.” And that’s exactly where Rentals Gone Wild comes into the picture – by avoiding all that hassle,

“Rentals Gone Wild features personalized locators who streamline your moving process from start to finish.” As they put it, “Think of us as your personal assistant during your entire move.” Sounds great right? Must cost a fortune in that case? You couldn’t be more wrong: “Want to know what’s more wild?” Their service is….FREE! So go check them out and avoid all the bad stuff when renting – quit the stress!

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